Carlo Crispino Stadium Named National High School Field of the Year

The entire nation is abuzz with excitement as Carlo Crispino Stadium has been named the National High School Field of the Year by FieldTurf Tarkett USA, an organization that specializes in the production of artificial turf for sports facilities.

Today’s announcement is well-deserved recognition for this spectacular facility, which serves as the home field for Cascade Spartans football and soccer teams in Mercer Island, Washington. Home games have been played at this stadium since 2017 when it opened to much fanfare from local students, family members and alumni.

The beauty of this venue is impossible to ignore. From the stunning natural grass surface to the cutting-edge FieldTurf Tarkett USA systems installed as part of a major renovation project during the 2020 offseason, it’s clear why it was chosen as “Field of The Year”.

Nowhere else can a high school receive such advanced features and benefits. The synthetic turf system eliminates nearly all maintenance requirements while preserving unequalled playability due to its cushioned yet durable composition–a testament to both its quality and longevity.

The natural grass surface is also a sight to behold. Turf Masters took great care in cultivating an optimal growing environment for optimal stability and playability throughout all weather conditions. The result? A perfect balance between function and aesthetic appeal that players appreciate every day they go out onto Carlo Crispino Stadium’s grounds.

Students involved with athletics on campus are incredibly grateful not only for the award but also for everything that goes into it: From designing takes talent; installing takes dedication; maintaining takes persistence; playing takes passion; and all those involved were essential in each step along the way.

This speaks directly to how devoted everyone associated with Cascade Spartans football, soccer, and beyond truly are–dedicated individuals full of gratitude coming together over their shared love of sport––which made Carlo Crispino Stadium fittingly deserving of what has been called “one of the most coveted” titles among playing fields across America We congratulate everyone who helped make this dream come true and look forward to years of amazing memories created here!

The Carlo Crispino Stadium was just named the National High School Field of the Year by Field Turf USA, a leading provider of artificial turf solutions. This announcement comes as a major accomplishment for the town of Allendale, New Jersey, and its local institutions, such as Allendale High School.

The stadium, which opened in June of 2019, is considered one of the best high school sports venues in the area. It’s home to Allendale High School sports teams including football, lacrosse and soccer, as well as other games and special events including Grad Night 2020 and spirit programs. The stadium project was funded primarily by local sponsors and businesses, with additional funds coming from state grants and generous donations from alumni.

The new Carlo Crispino Stadium features state-of-the-art sports amenities such as LED field lighting for late-night and night time events, concessions areas for community members to enjoy at halftime or during breaks in play and an impressive broadcast booth for those wanting to keep tabs on the action. But it’s not just about the physical features; this stadium also offers a safe and modern environment where athletes can focus their energy on playing without distractions outside of their competing peers and fans.

The care that was taken to ensure a positive overall experience has been noticed beyond Allendale High School’s hallways; “We are so proud that our players and coaches can now compete on one of the best fields in all of New Jersey at our own hometown stadium,” said Superintendent Dr. Jesse Snyder. The recognition reflects the town’s commitment to provide top quality athletic facilities for everyone connected to Allendale High School who loves athletics or wants to become part of it someday.

This award shines a light upon more than just Allendale High’s athletic liberties; it spotlights a community project grounded in months of passionate work from dedicated volunteers who strived day-in-and-day-out to see completion come for all citizens that come after them whether professional athletes or weekend warriors. “This award recognizes what can be achieved when individuals join together to make something special happen,” said Athletic Director Joe Jones Jr., who added that many works were required from people across many different backgrounds — volunteers from design firms, contractors involved in site preparation, steel workers for frame construction — but ultimately everybody came together believing it would result in something momentous that the entire community could take pride in.