Carlo Crispino Stadium Named National High School Field of the Year

It is with great pride and excitement that we share the news of the prestigious honor bestowed upon the magnificent Carlo Crispino Stadium! The Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) has declared our very own high school sports complex as the 2022 National High School Field of the Year. Recognizing excellence in construction and maintenance, this distinguished award highlights our collective efforts to provide student-athletes with an exceptional playing surface that rivals those found at professional stadiums.

About STMA’s Field of the Year Award:

Established in 1992, the STMA Field of the Year program is designed to acknowledge the exemplary work of sports field managers and their teams across various playing surfaces at different levels of competition. From professional stadiums to parks & recreation departments to intercollegiate venues, this esteemed recognition celebrates those who have achieved the highest standards in athletic field management.

Carlo Crispino Stadium’s Winning Features:

Our team has put diligent effort and innovative measures into creating a world-class surface for our student-athletes. Some key aspects that have contributed to this recognition include:

1. State-of-the-art synthetic turf: Offering a consistent, safe playing surface, the stadium’s turf system boasts the latest advancements in technology that reduces injuries, increases playability, and ensures a visually stunning aesthetic appeal.

2. Energy-efficient LED lighting system: Illuminating the field for all those after-hours practice sessions and evening games, our leading-edge lighting setup guarantees optimal visibility with reduced energy consumption.

3. High-quality seating and facilities for fans: Comfortably accommodating up to 4,000 spectators, with additional wheelchair accessible areas to ensure inclusivity for all fans sharing in their athletes’ excitement.

4. Comprehensive maintenance programs: Regular upkeep procedures such as periodic grooming and repair work on damaged sections of turf have ensured longevity and superior performance of the field.

Community Impact

The most significant reward lies not in national recognition but rather in bettering our community through sports participation opportunities. Our achievement positively impacts students’ athletic experiences by offering them access to first-rate facilities on par with professionals. Additionally, hosting a variety of events like state championships or regional tournaments showcases our town’s hospitality and brings economic benefits to local businesses.

Looking Forward: Continuing Excellence & Inspiration

Garnering such esteemed accolades prompts us to extend our gratitude to everyone involved in making Carlo Crispino Stadium such an outstanding sports facility— from design & construction firms, school administrators, sports field management staff, sponsors, donors, and ultimately, our hard-working student-athletes who represent us proudly on this world-class field.

The STMA’s Field of the Year Award serves as motivation for us to keep striving towards further improvement while inspiring other educational institutions across the nation. As champions of athletic excellence on and off the field, let us continue fostering healthy competition amidst a supportive environment where every individual has access to premium resources they deserve.

So once again let us celebrate this momentous achievement— Here’s to our shining example of dedication— Carlo Crispino Stadium: National High School Field of the Year!